Best Quality Rice Mills in Punjab Pakistan
Khawaja Rice Mills in Pakistan was conceived in 1950 by Khawaja Muhammad Afzal as a small family business. Over time, under the supervision of Khawaja Shahzad Afzal, we grew into an enterprise that operated locally and globally. This international expansion, however, was possible because we operate from the agricultural hub of Pakistan, in the heart of Punjab, surrounded by one of the most fertile lands in the world. In addition to that, we own and utilize a state of the art rice husking, processing and packaging unit within house Steaming and Parboiling facility. We have a fully automated supply line with the best machinery brought in from around the world. Together with this ultramodern machinery and with our years of experience, we have managed to supply Pakistan's best quality rice Super Basmati and non-Basmati rice in Brown, Raw, Steamed or Parboiled form throughout the world. We are the suppliers and quality rice mill in Pakistan. We have supplied our products to several countries, including but not limited to, UAE, USA, Mauritius, Sultanate of Oman, South Africa, Kenya, UK. On this journey, we have won 3 awards from the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) for being one of the Top 10 rice millers in Pakistan.


Sheikhupura, Sheikhupura, Punjab, Pakistan

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  • September 21, 2023 1:17 am local time

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