Damascus is created by forge welding multiple layers of steels into a solid block called a billet (1094 & 15N20 High Carbon Tool Steels) The billet is folded and re-welded several times to produce 200 layers Patterns are created by manipulating the steel during the forge welding process When acid is added to the blade, it attacks the layers of hard and soft steels differently, highlighting the attractive layered pattern in the blade. The combination of layered hard and soft steel creates blade flexibility, toughness and produces invisible serrations on the blade that aid cutting. The hardness of the steel is 58 HRC on Rockwell scale. Dams Knives is belonging to much honored “Lohar” family truly dedicated to art of making Arms.We have been working with fine quality Damascus steel and we are been trying to improve the quality using the secrets of our family trade. We would appreciate any suggestion on our work.


Wazirabad, Kot Hussain Khan, Punjab, Pakistan

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  • June 15, 2024 1:30 pm local time

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